The Road to Barcelona

May 28, 2019
San Sebastian & Barcelona sunny 69°

It was time to say goodbye to San Sebastian and it would be a hard goodbye to say. The apartment was one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed and the city was so enjoyable. We had some of the best food we’d ever experienced while traveling and the city was one of the most enjoyable to walk around. I can’t even imagine what it would be like under great weather.

Leslie and I walked our bags to the offsite garage and returned to the apartment to pick up Jeanne and Graham.

It was the start of our last long drive to our next destination, Barcelona. Our phone map showed two routes, one that followed along the mountains and a 15 minute shorter drive south of the mountains. We opted for the mountain drive.

The next three hours were some of the most beautiful driving I’ve ever done. The winding roads were empty and a joy to drive. The views were incredible. The road tracked along a milky emerald lake, the color looked unearthly. We thought maybe it was contaminated water from a quarry but we soon discovered the rivers were the same color.

The natural scenery was enough but then we started spotting the ruins of old towns. Towns perched up on hillsides with the stone structures slowly being overtaken by nature. They appeared unmarked with no visible roads up to them.

In hindsight I would have loved to have made the drive a full day activity. We were on the clock with little time left to stop before we were due back.

We were due in Barcelona at 4:30 to return the car and meet up with Joe and Angel who were flying in. We arrived on time and dropped off the SUV.

Leslie had arranged a car service to take us all into the city to our apartment. The apartment compared to our last two was a bit of a let down but was roomy and would be good for a group.

After getting settled in we enjoyed some gin and tonics on the back patio. A few rounds of cocktails later we ventured into the city.

Jeanne picked El Nacional which was a short walk from our place. Appearance wise it was an incredible food hall. Restaurants ran along the outer walls while small bars and dessert stands were positioned in the middle.

Leslie and I shared a ham pastry, it was fine but in no way compared to the food we’d been enjoying over the last few days. However the charm of the place was the atmosphere for which it had plenty.

After paying the bill we started our walk back to the apartment. Leslie found some bars in her research and Old Fashioned Gin & Tonic Cocktail Bar was only a few blocks away from the apartment.

This cozy bar with intimate seating around small tables was dimly lit and full of people drinking interesting looking cocktails. We all ordered one of their unique drinks and they came out in a variety of glasses and Joe’s in a box. They were delicious craft cocktails but expensive. After a round we called it a night and returned to the apartment for some sleep.