Relaxing at Smith's Barcadere

May 12, 2018
Grand Cayman rainyday 85°

After our standard breakfast of fruit, yogurt and bagels we packed the car for what we hoped would be a full day out on the island. In our drive around the island yesterday we spotted a few beaches we thought warranted a visit.

A few minutes away from our place is Smith's Barcadere. It’s across the street from one of the most notable mansions on the island, this one owned by a home improvement importer.

Smith's Barcadere is one of the more popular public beaches as it has plenty of parking, shade and picnic tables. Unique black rocks form two small coves perfect for relaxing in calm waters.

We found a spot in the shade and watched the rain clouds move over the ocean with the distant sound of thunder rolling in from offshore.

After moving across the beach to a better spot we spent the next couple of hours enjoying the small private beach. A local family and their young kids were enjoying the same cove.

The island is crawling with iguanas and today we were treated to this iguana stopping right near us to snack on some plants.

The weather was taking a turn towards rain and we decided it was best to try to squeeze in another beach in case a storm was coming. A few miles up the road was Governor’s Beach.

During the drive it was clear that rain had been falling elsewhere on the island. The roads and parking lots were flooded and cars were moving slowly through the deeper sections.

Governor’s Beach is on Seven Mile Beach, the big advantage is there is an actual public parking lot. The rain had scared people away and there were only a handful of cars in the muddy beachfront lot.

We took our seats on a beach we’re now very familiar with. Leslie took the snorkel gear out to see if there was anything worth seeing. All of the darker spots in the water turned out to be sea grass.

Leslie returned and a drizzle started to turn into a rain shower. Our stuff was getting soaked so we scurried back to our car to see if we could wait it out. The rain was only intensifying so we decided to call it a day.

Back at the apartment we enjoyed a mid afternoon snack and prepared an evening cocktail for the beach. We were stuck indoors waiting for the rain to pass and after an hour or so it appear to be clearing up.

We packed a small backpack and started walking towards the beach. It was turning out to be a clear afternoon.

We walked along the beach enjoying the low afternoon sun. The beach was again full of activity as everyone had returned after the rain.

It was approaching dinner time and we started our walk back towards were we started. The restaurant we were trying to go to on our first night but messed up was just a short distance away from the bar we ended up at.

Coccoloba was the street taco restaurant and bar I was looking for. With plenty of beachfront seating we were shown a table near the sand.

We started with a couple of great tequila-based drinks served in some tiki glasses.

We followed it with some chips and dip, chicken tacos and beef tostadas.

The food was great but the servings small. Our bill came out to be a little under $100 for a meal we would have paid $40 at home for.

We left the restaurant for the last few minutes of sunset before starting our walk back to the apartment.

As we walked down the street we ran into our other host we had yet to meet. He offered us dinner but since we had already eaten told us to stop by the backyard if we wanted to use the pool.

After cleaning up we walked around to the main house where they invited us in. We spent the evening learning about what it’s like for them to live on the island, the notable homes and best restaurants and bars.

It was getting late and it was time for us to call it a night.