Our Day on Seven Mile Beach

May 10, 2018
Grand Cayman partlysunny 87°

With a pretty relaxing schedule ahead we weren’t in a huge hurry this morning. The weather had improved significantly since yesterday’s storms. Leslie made up a breakfast of yogurt with fresh fruit and some onion bagels with cream cheese while I started packing our day bags.

Ready for the day, we headed outside in the thick humid mid morning heat. It’s been years since we’ve done a Caribbean beach trip in the summer, and I’ve missed it. It’s so warm you’re counting down until you can jump into the clear Caribbean waters.

The first stop was said to be one of Seven Mile Beach’s better near-shore snorkeling spots. We’ve been to a lot of beaches with tropical fun names, today’s beach was Cemetery Beach. It’s easy to find because it’s behind the cemetery.

A small sandy trail between the cemetery and the next property over led right to the beach.

Turquoise water extended out towards the horizon, the reefs clearly visible from the shoreline.

We found a shady spot under a giant tree that extended out from over the cemetery fence.

The seven miles of shoreline wrapped its way down towards where the cruise ships park for the day.

The heat was getting to me and it was time to see what was below the water’s surface. I jumped into the choppy surf and started swimming out towards the colored buoys. First thing spotted was a small school of squid, one of my favorites.

The recommended snorkeling spot wasn’t well described online so I just started swimming out, some people say it’s 20 yards out, some say it’s 200 yards out.

I think I found the area people were referencing but I don’t know. The water was a little stirred up from wind and rollers coming in. It was enjoyable and I spotted many of the common fish I expected to see.

I rounded what I think was the main reef and started the long swim back into shore. The squid were still hanging out looking for their next meal.

Leslie was enjoying the late morning sunshine when I returned. A small rain cloud moved overhead and a few drops of drizzle dropped in. As expected it cleared the beach of the handful of people that were there. By the time everyone had walked to their cars the sky was again clear.

We enjoyed another hour or so of the sunshine and water before packing it up and heading around the cemetery back to our car.

Further down the beach is where all of the fancy hotels and resorts are. The Hemingway Hotel was recommended as a good beach area. We parked our car on a nearby street and walked past what looked like an abandoned mini golf course.

We walked through the hotel, past the pool and bar area out onto the soft white sand. It was the same stretch of beach we were on previously but the sand was much softer. We walked a few resorts over to the only area that had any shade and put down our stuff.

The midday heat was in full swing and the shade could only help so much. We walked down to the water which was calmer than the previous beach. The water was a refreshing retreat.

Back at our beach spot the lizards were getting a little friendly. Leslie screamed when one had snuck up behind me. Unfazed when I moved it walked around me and was seemingly about to crawl into my lap.

The novelty of that idea wore off when I thought about having to deal with a lizard bite. They had clearly been conditioned to go to people in the search of food. While I didn’t have anything to offer that didn’t stop one from enjoying laying on Leslie’s towel in the shade.

It was getting later in the afternoon and a good time to pack up for another beach. We were near the grocery store so we made a quick stop to pick up some ice, deli meat and a few snacks before returning the the apartment.

We threw together a quick cocktail and some snacks before walking back to the same beach we had visited yesterday afternoon. The beach was again empty and we took a place right near the water. Even late afternoon the heat hadn’t broken yet.

The water was still the only relief so we swam out with our cocktail and enjoyed the final hour of sunlight before retreating back our spot on the sand to dry off.

Large clouds had moved overhead and our chances of seeing a great sunset were fading with the daylight.

It would end with a small hint of orange behind a wall of purple clouds.

With the sun set the bugs were starting to appear. We scooped everything up and threw it into our bag and quickly walked back to the apartment. We enjoyed a simple dinner of pizza while relaxing the rest of the evening.