Going to Hell

May 13, 2018
Grand Cayman partlysunny 86°

Today is our last full day on the island and after debating eating the last of the yogurt or the last of the refried beans we landed on burritos for breakfast.

We’d visited every beach on our list and today was about doing what we had enjoyed most during our short stay here. There was just one place we hadn’t visited yet, Hell.

It turns out Hell was just a few minutes away from us and sounded interesting and likely hot with 98% humidity.

It was easy to find, the welcome to Hell sign pointed towards a small parking lot.

Hell has a post office where mail sent from here is uniquely postmarked from Hell.

A small walkway leads around the post office to an area where people can take photos as a devil overlooking the jagged landscape.

At Smith's Barcadere yesterday I assumed the black rock was lava rock but it turns out the rock is actually limestone and it’s porous and jagged structure is caused by algae that has eaten away at the rock.

The site was more impressive than I expected and well worth the few minute detour to check it out.

Now that we had Hell out of of the way we were free to enjoy the rest of the day. Our favorite beach during our stay was Smith's Barcadere. With plenty of shaded spots, soft sand and protected cove it was the best spot during the midday heat.

We found a shaded spot and laid down our stuff. After learning that the rocks weren’t lava rock I decided to go walk along the coastline to see if there was anything similar to Hell.

While the rocks were several feet above the waterline there were a surprising number of small pockets of water filled with small tropical fish. Just enough water appeared to be splashing up into the small pools to keep them filled.

My walk continued down to the adjoining properties where pools could be found along with some spots where the surf was channeled up through the rocks.

I returned to our spot on the beach and after a long stroll across black rocks, I needed to cool of. I grabbed my snorkel gear and decided to see what this beach had to offer.

I’m not sure why we didn’t snorkel here the day prior as the conditions were better yesterday but I’m disappointed I hadn’t.

Right off shore there were a handful of huge coral formations and I spotted a handful of larger schools of fish zipping through the reef.

Back on shore we decided it was time to move on to our next part of the day’s plan. We packed up our stuff and loaded it back into the car. We returned to the apartment to drop off all the snorkel and beach equipment.

I made a simple cocktail with the left over rum and juice and we packed a small backpack and walked over to Seven Mile Beach. We’d been to a handful of spots along Seven Mile Beach but today we wanted to walk it.

We started directly across from where we were staying and started our journey south, down the beach. With a cocktail in hand and none of the beach gear in tow, we’d jump into the water when we got hot and stop by a bar when we got thirsty.

Our walk was talking us by the multimillion dollar condos that line the beach along with the resorts between them.

When our cocktail ran out we found ourselves at the Westin. It was one of the busier resorts we’d seen so we walked up towards the pool and found both their full sized bar and another smaller lemonade-style stand off to the side.

They were serving up Caipirinha, a cachaça-based drink we’d first had while in Portugal, but this one actually looked like it was being made correctly. We got a drink ticket and returned to him mixing the rum, brown sugar and muddled limes.

The drink was good and we hadn’t made it far down the beach when we realized we probably should have ordered two. We walked back and picked up another and continued our walk.

After numerous stops to cool off we’d finally made it to the nice part of the afternoon when the midday heat broke. People were starting to stream out of their rooms and condos to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

The sun was now low on the horizon and we’d made it to the southern most point of Seven Mile Beach. We’d made it to the half way point, now we had to start the walk back up.

We’d come back up on Hemingway’s, a spot we’d visited earlier in our trip. Leslie ran up to the bar and picked up a mojito. This time she didn’t return with nacho cheese, chicken nugget tacos.

At this point the mojito was the fuel that would get us back to our starting point. The rum was dulling the pain we were both feeling in the arches of our feet.

We pressed on and enjoyed the views of the setting sun. It was the first late afternoon of good weather and we were treated to the best sunset of our stay.

We’d made it back to our starting point and since our dinner last night was great and near the house we decided to return. We didn’t look the best as we were still caked in sun screen in our sandy beach clothes.

We were lead to table right by the sand and we celebrated our final evening with strawberry jalapeño margaritas, mexi fries, smoke chicken tacos and steak tacos. The food and drinks were again delicious and a great way to end our long walk on Seven Mile beach.

Full and achy we left the restaurant and crossed the road over to the apartment to call it a night.