Barcelona Beach Day

May 31, 2019
Barcelona sunny 75°

It was a slow start this morning after an exhausting day yesterday. The two-hour train trip out to the mountains was out and today instead would be spent exploring some of the areas we’d missed or passed through quickly.

Joe, Angel, Leslie and I walked over to Tapas 24, a restaurant recommended by our guide book and one of Angel’s friends. Leslie and I split a donut, ham and cheese sandwich and eggs on potatoes.

Our walk continued as we made our way back to areas we’d visited before. Leslie had booked tickets to a museum and we were slowly making our way that direction. This route took us through a high-end shopping area that was full of activity.

The weather was the best we’d had the whole trip so we found a small outdoor cafe tucked under some stone archways between buildings. Leslie and I got Cubatas, a aged rum and coke.

It was a refreshing change of pace after two very busy walking days. We enjoyed the warm afternoon sunshine until our museum ticket time approached.

The Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum houses over 4,200 works by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The museum was full of painted works and some pottery as well. He never explored an excavator with a bell attached to it as an art medium, so the Guggenheim gets to keep that honor.

The works were impressive and covered a variety of styles. His early works as a kid were impressive considering his ability at such a young age.

It was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and worth the visit. Back outside we started our walk towards the coast.

An area we had yet to explore was Barcelona’s beaches. The two-story boardwalk was alive with beachgoers. Sprawled out on the sand as far as the eye could see, sunbathers were enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

We kicked off our shoes and walked the corse sand beach to a small grassy park at the far end. Leslie and I took the opportunity to dip out feet in the chilly Mediterranean Sea. The water was cold enough that it discouraged me from walking in it, yet dozens of people were heading out to play in the water.

Jeanne and Graham met up with us in the grassy park where we spent some time just enjoying the view and coastal breeze.

It was late afternoon and we had a long walk back to the apartment. It was the last night in Barcelona so we returned to finish off the remaining snacks and drinks. After some gin and tonics, we continued on with rum and Coke.

Angel picked the evening’s restaurant, Vinitus, a popular tapas bar. With no wait, we were seated at a table in the basement level of the restaurant. Leslie and I ordered a variety of plates we’d been enjoying over the last couple of weeks from the patatas bravas to the fried croquettes. Like every meal, it went with a glass of vermouth.

It was only 9 pm when we left and far too early to call it a night. Next door was 2254 Tapas Bar. The Vespas outside drew us in and the drinks made us stay. Leslie still hungry ordered asparagus and a chicken and prawn skewer served over a lump of smoking coal. The food and drinks were excellent and we found ourselves there for the next hour or so.

Back towards the apartment, we stopped again at the gelato place across the street. The lined back up out the door but the wait was worth it.

The store was closing soon so we took our desserts across the street and enjoyed them in the living room. We wound down the night as we’d be saying goodbye tomorrow as everyone else continued on. 

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