Arriving in Grand Cayman

May 9, 2018
Grand Cayman rainyday 82°

I flew out and met Leslie in Texas as part of my overnight layover on the way to Grand Cayman. Leslie’s new home may prove to be beneficial as a replacement to the typical red eye flights we’d normally need to take to these types of destinations.

We returned to the airport for a quick 3 hour flight down to Grand Cayman. The jet descended through thick clouds and we watched as rain streamed across the windows. The jet rolled to a stop, the stairs moved into position and we walked down to the wet tarmac below. We breezed through immigration and customs and our bags were already off the luggage carousel ready for us.

We picked up our rental car nearby and started our drive through town towards Seven Mile Beach. Our drive started at peak island rush hour and it was a confusing mix of branching intersections and roundabouts.

After a few wrong turns were were on our way. Our host was standing outside her home as we pulled up. They were renting out a small attached studio apartment.

We dropped off our things and jumped back into the car for a quick trip over to the grocery store. The travel guides said to be ready for the sticker shock and that was an understatement. $150 later and we had two bottles of water, bagels, yogurt, fruit, bread, cheese, deli meat, chips, salsa and beans. The contents barely filled two plastic shopping bags.

After dropping off the food at the apartment we still had another hour before sunset. We were only a few minute walk to Seven Mile Beach so we decided to walk over to catch the last hour of sunlight. The neighborhood we’re staying in lines the bay, every home is a bay-front property.

At the beach the sun was already low in the sky and the clouds were in intense shades of orange. The blue Caribbean waters were masked by the orange reflections. We laid out our stuff on the soft white sand and enjoyed the early evening weather.

Nearby was a beachfront bar and restaurant that Leslie swore was the place I said got great food reviews. I question any place that has a full size Captain Morgan statue out front.

We took a seat at a table on the sand and ordered from a menu that didn’t look like the menu I was telling Leslie about. She ordered a mahi-mahi sandwich and I the cheeseburger along with some rum runners.

Unlike other Caribbean islands liquor is expensive here. In the Virgin Islands the rum is cheaper than the mixers so the drinks are strong. We got a cup full of mixer with a rum floater.

The food followed shortly after, it was just as impressive as the cocktails. What our food lacked, the beachfront atmosphere made up for as the sun finally set.

As night started to set in the bugs started to come out. We quickly paid our bill and hustled back to the studio apartment for the rest of the evening.